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When a 11 year old comes to the island and beats all of your team members 
Heather Reference sheet
Heather is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.
Heather was an angel *ba dum tss* in high school but when it was prom night, something happened. Heather always believed that if you do nice things you would get them in return someday. But prom night hit. Her boyfriend friends told her he was in the hospital, that he would be dead. She cried and cried saying she would do anything to bring him back.
A demon suddenly arose  with a little one next to him, that little one was named Pluto. The demon gave her an offer, He would make her boyfriend, Sam, back to life. If she became a demon herself, she would be able to roam the world as a demon just she would be summoned to do deeds whenever needed.
She won't have any teleporting powers or demon "powers" like the TV shows. So it would really pain her to talk 1,000 miles or more for a deed.
She accepts as she believes Sam would love him either way, I mean come on who wouldn't date a demon. As Pluto checked around for Sam he couldn't find him in the city. he told his father and his father shooked his head and looked for him instead, thinking Pluto didn't check enough.
Pluto talked to Heather for a while. Heather asked somethings and Pluto would answer passive-aggressively. She smiled telling Pluto "You don't have to act like this. Be yourself, he's gone isn't he?" Pluto being surprised and blushing hot fire (literally) he smiled but yet asked. "How did you know he was gone?" Heather confused as all hell *ba dum tss* asked: "Well your father he left to look for my Sam." Pluto shocked and said "I thought you meant Sam, Sam left the city. He moved he told his friends to tell you."
Heather being a nice person has never done any wrong to Sam friends and has always worked out their problems, if any. She got angry and trust me Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Pluto father came back with Sam in his hands, afraid. His father said "We had a deal if we bring him back to life and you will be a demon. I don't break my deals." Pluto father murdered him in front of Sam and Pluto. Pluto pretending not to care, was scared and frightened on the inside. As heather rose up from the ground in flames, yelling and screaming.
Pluto father (Gerick) said, "For that, I will make your eyes permanently angry so everyone is intimated by you, your bottom eyes will show little emotion unless you're filled with that emotion. Like love and happiness. Like that will ever happen."
Heather not paying attention to what he was saying transformed to a demon in front of everyone, feeling the pain of the transformation. After it was all over she saw Sam come back and she was smiling, filled with happiness.  Gerick surprised, he has never seen anyone that happy to see someone. Heather ran up to him, hugging him. Her thorns were pushing against him hurting him. Sam upset and hurt by seeing heather.
He was sorry that his friends lied to her making her do this. "You could find better." He said as she looked at him "But I changed for you, so you can live." Sam laughed "I died in order for that to happen. I'm sorry I can't do this, this is too much."
Heather upset understanding him as Sam awkwardly left. As Heahter neighborhood looked through their windows. (Remember they were outside her house.)
Heather angry about to murder Sam friends. Pluto grabs her shoulder, looks at her and smiled as he grabbed his knife.
Sam would hate and be upset at heather if she murdered his friends, so Pluto would do it instead. They became friends and sooner or later more than friends. Heather was blinded by love she didn't think about turning back to normal while they were dating. Soon Pluto got bored he was nice and outgoing with close people but there are limits of what they can do and they have done most of those activities. Heather would hold herself back if it would kill innocent people. That set-off Pluto plus Pluto is not big with commitment especially if he's immortal. When they broke up Heather didn't know what to do, she beat up Pluto. He was willing to take it for his actions and he liked it.
Heather now roams around the earth, being positive. When she was turned into a demon she can see so much more than she did. She can see ghost, demons and so much, She could do so much more, even tho she wishes she can teleport and have demons power the things she wishes she had the most, was true love.


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